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The Somersoft Forum is a read-only archive of the discussions of property investors and professionals over a 16 year period (1999 to 2015). It served as a means for property investors to discuss a range of property investment issues as well as to make friends, motivate, support and mentor each other.

After 16 years, the forum had grown into Australia's largest and most respected property investment discussion community, far exceeding our hopes and expectations. With the assistance of a group of volunteers, the forum was run relatively independent of commercial influence.

However, by 2015, the costs of hosting such a busy forum, including the costs of administration and community management, became unsustainable without some form of commercialisation. As a result, two things have happend:

  1. The existing forum has been preserved as an educational resource for the property investing community, providing insight and understanding to new generations of property investors. It will no longer be possible to post but it will be freely available to browse and search the content.
  2. A new forum (propertychat) independent of Somersoft is available to those wishing to continue to engage with other property investors. The site is owned and operated by Simon Hample who has been an administrator of the Somersoft forum since 2002. We wish him and the new forum all the best.
Somersoft Policy

Please note that while this Somersoft Forum continues to be hosted by Somersoft, the views expressed therein are not necessarily those of the company, nor those of Jan or Ian Somers or of any of the forum moderators.

While the forum was open to all those with an interest in property investment, users were asked to respect the views of others and refrain from any crude, rude, defamatory, distasteful, disrespectful, degrading, libellous, unethical or unfair comment.

If anyone has an issue with content, they are most welcome to report that content to Somersoft support.

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